3 Important Reasons Why You Should Be Taking an Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement For Your Good Health

Omega-3 is now known to be essential for your well being, however there are different types of essential fats to be found in the various sources of omega-3; and while they are all good for you it has been found that the fats in oily fish contain the most health benefits. Now you can of course start eating more oily fish to raise the amount of omega3 you are getting, however to really benefit you would need to be eating it every single day: so, that being the case you are better off taking an omega-3 fish oil supplement instead.

There are too many benefits for me to list here in how fish oil can boost your health, so I am going to stick with what I consider to be the top 3 reasons puritans pride coupon why you should start taking an omega-3 fish oil supplement. They are as follows:-

Brain Food – If you were told as a child that fish was brain food, then this advice was absolutely correct. It has now been discovered that just over half of your brains composition is fat, and of that amount half again is what is known as DHA fat. This is an essential fat which means your body cannot produce any more of it so you have to get it into you by another means; and the omega 3 from oily fish contains it. So by taking an omega-3 fish oil supplement you will be feeding your brain and by doing so you will not only be boosting your memory and concentration, but at the same time you will be protecting yourself from conditions such as mood swings, depression, Alzheimer’s and bipolar disorder.

  Healthy Heart- This same DHA found in the oily fish along with the other essential fat EPA are renowned for helping to maintain a healthy heart too. And it does this in more than one way; it helps to lower blood pressure, lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels and also reduce the amount of plaque in the blood. The reducing of plaque is of particular importance, because it is this plaque that can cause the artery walls to clog, and also cause the blood platelets to stick together which can cause heart attacks and strokes. This was all discovered because of research into the health of Eskimos as there were very few cases of heart disease and this research uncovered that their diet was high in oily fish containing these omega 3 fats.

  Cancer Prevention – Another thing that was found when researching the health of the Eskimos was that there were very few cases of colon cancer; this too has been associated to omega 3 protecting them from it. Further investigation since then has found that if people who are in the early stages of colon cancer increase the amount of these essential fats, then it can reverse the condition. Other cancers that it is thought to help protect against are testicular, prostate, ovarian and breast: research is still ongoing in these areas, but early findings are very positive.

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