5 common sleep disorders that are interrupting your sleep

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Sleep is the body’s much needed rest from the exertion done throughout the day. These hours of shuteye are not just heavenly after the entire day’s ordeal, but essential to health. An adult needs around 7-9 hours of sleep a day. If one does not get sufficient sleep, the next day gets affected too. Grogginess, mood swings, irritability are some of the impacts of the short-term sleep deprivation. 

In the long term however, the impact is rather grave. Sleep deprivation slows down the reflexes, making one more prone to accidents. The probability of getting health issues like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, obesity and diabetes increases. Similarly, mental health also suffers; people not getting sufficient shuteye are more likely to suffer from depression. Personal relationships suffer as well, due to behavioral changes and reduced libido. 

Understand what is causing your sleep problem

Therefore, it is very important to recognize and treat the underlying condition that is interrupting a good night’s sleep. Following are the common 5 disorders that disturb sleep, and they should be treated accordingly. 

1 Sleep Apnea 

In this sleeping disorder, a person’s breathing gets disrupted as they fall into stupor. This is dangerous as the breathing literally pauses in this condition. The body is deprived of the essential fuel, jolting the person awake. Either the airway gets obstructed which cuts off the breathing, known as obstructive sleep apnea, or the brain lapses in its task of breathing, known as central sleep apnea. To treat these, visit ENT specialist in Karachi urgently, as delaying treatment worsens the health. 

2 Insomnia 

A common sleeping disorder, insomnia is remarked by either not being able to sleep completely or having an interrupted sleep. There are various reasons for it; mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and health problems like digestive issues or hormones etc. can be causing it. If not treated, insomnia can lead to secondary problems like weight issues, concentration problems, grogginess etc. as well. 

3 Parasomnias 

In this condition, a person exhibits abnormal movements during the sleep. Parasomnias include problems like; sleep walking, bed wetting, sleep talking, sleep terrors etc. These disorders can be dangerous for they jeopardize the security of the person. Hence, alongside treatment, it is also important to have physical security mechanism in place as well. 

4 Restless Leg Syndrome 

Restless leg syndrome is a neurological condition in which the person has a sudden urge to move the legs. There is also tingling in the legs that makes it very uncomfortable and therefore can interrupt sleep. RLS can also be caused by conditions like obesity, pregnancy, anemia etc. Other than visiting doctor, stretching can also be effective to provide relief from the condition. 

5 Narcolepsy 

People suffering from narcolepsy cannot moderate their sleeping time. Rather than sleeping during the night, they experience daytime sleepiness. These bouts of sleeps are not in any control of the patients as they episodes are unregulated. Consequently, the productivity of such people in shot to the ground. 

There are different types to this sleeping disorder. In one condition, known as cataplexy, patients suffer from muscular weakness with certain activities like laughing, or expressing other emotions. 

In sleep paralysis, person is in a weird place where their mental faculties are working but the physical body is comatose. This dangling presence in two realms can be a frightening experience. 

A third type are the hypnogogic hallucinations. In this disorder, just as the person is trying to fall asleep, they are hit with terrific hallucinations. This state of semi-dream can be fearful and thus the person associates negative emotions with sleep. 

Sleep disorders are not to be taken casually. Visit the respective doctors to get aid; like seeking help from the best ENT specialist in Islamabad to treat sleep apnea. Similarly, go to the appropriate doctor and have this problem sorted out before permanent damage is rendered.