A guide to healthy diet

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It is not an easy task to pinpoint what a healthy diet looks like. Why is this so? Food we take on a daily basis has changed dramatically. Every day food we consume are becoming artificial and processed. Most food to date have been processed to the point of being unnatural food. It is mind-boggling to learn that those cereals and breads we buy in supermarket are artificial. Its further confusing to learn that even fruits and vegetables are genetically modified to suit human requirement, which is grave endangering. Fruits, for example, are genetically modified to be seedless and stay ripe for longer. Packaging of products make them seem healthy but it is a different story when you read the label. That begs the question so, what is healthy? 

Here are some diet opinions commonly regarded as healthy food. Look keenly at the following recommendations for a healthy living; 

Plant-based diet is most effective – plants are essential food for healthy life. Eating plants daily reduces the chances of terminal diseases like cancer, heart diseases and other health complications. Plants provide a good source of nutrients our bodies need to function effectively. Fruits and vegetables for example, are known to reduce cancer incidences. In plants, our bodies get healthy fats through Omega-3 which is a vital component our bodies. 

Moderated meat consumption – there are known dangers of processed red meat and its chances to cause cancer. It is recommended that you consume red meat in moderation like twice or thrice a week. Cut out processed meat completely. Some of the processed meat include; ham, bacon, devon, chorizo, cabanossi and more. Someone might wonder why aren’t these dangers of eating processed meat advertised frequently so that people can avoid them and stay healthy. Eating red meat in moderation is acceptable but it is health wise for people to find out exactly what amount of red meat is acceptable and what kind of cancer you are susceptible to if you consume red meat. 

Whole grains – while shopping for food stuff in supermarket, have an interest to look at the labels and specifically go for products with whole grains. Whole grains foods are known for effectively lowering the risk of several diseases in our bodies. Consuming processed grains means your intake of vital nutrients is lowered because all of them are flushed out during processing hence all the healthy benefits are cut down. 

Iron and proteins – ensure that your diet include plenty of proteins and irons. These are nutrients you can commonly find missing in an average health person. Ensure your body gets plenty of iron on a daily basis especially for women folks, proteins can easily be sourced from nuts, lean meat and legumes. 

Water – water is the healthiest liquid of all. Our bodies are 70{933316bf74b354b81b8a5c35e1f3ea6998f267c6ad65871da75d2b26d54d45ee} water so keeping your body hydrated is a milestone in achieving a healthy living. Water quenches thirsty and are delicious. Water is vital for life. After making sure you have all the nutrients in your body, make sure to do regular body exercises and avoid sedentary living to remain healthy.  

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