Afghan Kush Seeds: How To Grow And Care For Them

The Afghan Kush strain originated in the Kush mountain range and has been here before cannabis was cool and was turned into an industry. It was made available using white label seeds and now after decades of dedicated effort along with careful and selective breeding have been put into designing the beautiful afghan Kush seeds were produced.

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The flowering time is usually 5-7 weeks but the yield is high. When it comes to the growing aspect, it can be relatively easy if you have grown before, to moderately difficult if it is your first time. But don’t let that deter you, try it yourself and you may find out you’re actually a pro. Preferably the temperature should be maintained somewhere around 18-27 degrees Celius. But be aware of the moisture and mold. This strain grows well indoors and outdoors, but always keep an eye out for mold and moisture.

It would do well to remember that if you’re trying to bring out the power of this indica, heavy feeding does that best. It is very important to keep the plant healthy and strong by providing micronutrients as they help to steer away pests and mold, especially from finding its way to your plant.

The Afghan Kush Seeds can be harvested anytime in October. The strain produces a heavy yield while remaining compact and not too wide spread. Just before the plant starts blooming, the plant’s height will drastically increase. Afghan Kush is known for producing a special taste and smell that immediately makes one draw comparison to the Afghani hashish.

This strain is also known to work wonders for those who suffer from mood disorders. It also helps in dealing with depression and anxiety. It is known to relieve stress, a great relaxant and a mood booster. However, those are not the only reasons one must try out this strain. Afghan Kush is a potent hybrid strain which is an 85{933316bf74b354b81b8a5c35e1f3ea6998f267c6ad65871da75d2b26d54d45ee} Indica-dominant that typically produces high yields.

When looking for variants, try looking for pest and mold resistant ones if you don’t think you are good at spotting and taking care of mold and pests immediately without damaging the plant. A variant like this is usually perfect for any grower and irrespective of where you grow your plants, you know they’ll be safe.

The aroma and flavor come together beautifully with a little earthy textures, yet letting its pungence seep through along with hints of spice.

Do you like your weed in a joint or do you prefer enjoying it in a bong, this strain will definitely make even the most mundane tasks like eating a meal and watching a movie an extremely enjoyable experience.