Beginners Guide to Yoga – 25 Popular Yogic Keywords Used in Yoga – Part 3 of 3

Beginners Guide to Yoga – 25 Popular Yogic Keywords Used in Yoga – Part 3 of 3

So far, in this series, we have looked at 50 popular keywords used in yoga. Beginner yoga students are often unaware of the deeper philosophical and psychological aspects of yoga. As you go deeper into your yoga practice, you will become more familiar with the meaning of the popular yogic words.

Part 3 of this 3 part series, gives the meaning of the final 25 common yogic keywords.

25 Popular Yogic Keywords – Part 3

  1. Salabhasana – The Locust Pose.
  2. Samadhi – Samadhi is the 8th and final rung in Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. Samadhi is regarded the ultimate goal of meditation. Samadhi is a state of superconsciousness, a state beyond time and space where body and mind are transcended and total unity exist. Bliss!
  3. Sattva – One of the three gunas – purity
  4. Sarvangasana – This is the Sanskrit term for The Headstand.
  5. Sukhasana – The Sanskrit word for The Easy- Sitting Pose.
  6. Sithali, Sitkari – These are advanced forms of pranayama practices you can use to cool the body.
  7. Surya Bheda – This is another advanced yoga breathing exercise used to cleanse and purify the body.
  8. Surya Namaskar – The Sanskrit term for The Sun Salutation. The Sun Salutation forms part of the warm-up to prepare your body for the asana. It is a sequence of 12 flowing positions performed as one continuous exercise. The Sun Salutation gives a lovely stretch to the whole of the spine.
  9. Susumna – The main nadi flowing through the spinal cord.
  10. Sutra – Literally a “thread” as in writings of a sage.
  11. Swadhishthana Chakra – The second chakra, also known as the water or sacral chakra.
  12. Swami – A monk, holy person.
  13. Tamas – The guna of inactivity, dull or stagnant.
  14. Tratak – A meditation technique used to aid concentration and focus – tratak is a ‘steady gaze’.
  15. Trikonasana -The Triangle Pose.
  16. Ujjayi – An advanced yoga breathing exercise.
  17. Vatayanasana – The Sanskrit term for the Wind-Relieving Pose.
  18. Veerasana – The Warrior Pose.
  19. Vishnu Mudra – A hand mudra used in pranayama.
  20. Vishuddha Chakra – This is the fifth chakra based at the throat. Also known as the ether centre.
  21. Vrikshana – The Sanskrit term for The Handstand Pose.
  22. Yama – The term for the five restraints, moral guidelines, to help you live your life. The yamas are – non -violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, moderation in all things, and non-possessiveness. The yamas form the first rung of the Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga.
  23. Yantra – A yantra is a geometric design used in meditation.
  24. Yoga – Means to yoke, union, to unite. Traditionally yoga is seen as a system to help the individual soul unite with the Absolute.
  25. Yogi, Yogini – A person, like you, who practices yoga.

This concludes this three part series of popular yoga keywords. I hope you have found it useful. Yoga is a lifetime practice. Take time to study the ancient texts. The more familiar you become with the key words and underlying philosophies your understanding of the vastness of yoga is expanded.

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