Do You Need a Wetsuit to Dive

Every year, in the United States, 2 to 3 million people get training on scuba diving. Among them, 1 million people are certified as new scuba divers. On the other hand, millions of people try snorkeling, which is also a popular watersport all over the world. 

You may be one of them who want to go diving or snorkeling. If our guess is correct, then you cannot deny the necessity of owning a wetsuit. It comes with plenty of advantages, including thermal protection, abrasion resistance, and more. 

Only choosing the best wetsuits for diving is not enough for you if you don’t know the necessity of wearing it. There are some reasons for wearing a wetsuit underwater. In this article, we’re going to talk about this matter. 

Do You Need a Wetsuit to Dive?

Yes, you need it. A wetsuit protects you from various hazards in the water. It also provides you enough warmth so that you cannot get cold when spending a lot of time there. Besides, it allows you to float and swim on the water for long. You can use it not only for diving but also for snorkeling, swimming, and some other watersports. Now, let’s have a look at below to know some reasons for the necessity of a wetsuit. 


Wetsuits ensure the safety of the divers. Divers need to keep themselves away from a variety of dangers, including jellyfish, sharp rocks, sea anemones, and many more. Without wearing a wetsuit, you might get cuts and stings on your body. In this regard, you should prefer wearing full-length wetsuits from head to toe. 

Enough Warmth

Wetsuits are made with different thicknesses, such as 1mm lycra suits, 2.5mm, or 3mm wetsuits and 7mm thick neoprene. A wetsuit provides you warmth underwater to help you sustain for a long time. If you wear a full-length wetsuit, you will become warmer. You need one that tight enough to prevent water from entering into it. Keep in mind that you need a bigger size if the neck feels uncomfortable. 


Buoyancy means the ability of something to float in water. New divers often struggle with it. As most wetsuits come with neoprene, this material includes air bubbles inside to make the wetsuit more buoyant. When you’re diving for the first time, wearing an old wetsuit, you will need to adjust your weight and try to stay more underwater. 


A wetsuit comes in a variety of purposes. Unlike the majority of diving gear, wetsuit allows you to do a lot of things, including diving, snorkeling, swimming, and more. That’s because you should choose a high-quality wetsuit that lasts for years. 


As divers have to stay underwater for a long time, they need to pee into wetsuits. It’s a common matter among the community of the divers. So, admit it in your mind that people pee in wetsuits. If you don’t want to swim, wearing the wetsuit of another person, purchase a new one for you. 

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