Fitness Supplements – The Contents That A Bodybuilder Must Look For

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We have usual routines and practices that must be followed every day or we can also say that we got used to them so we apply these to our daily activities and we are consistent about it. That’s how disciplined bodybuilders are because they learned to chase their dreams or set goals and they will do whatever it takes to fulfill these. It would have been great if we are all like them but we sometimes fail after breaking our rules or disobeying what we are taught to do.

This applies when you have decided to be a bodybuilder because you have to focus on training, follow your coach, watch your diet, and be healthy as well. Let’s say that these tasks would be very easy but you have to be strict, too, because when you fail to do those every day, you won’t be able to get a pump or not even close to a good shape. In my opinion, not being serious with the exercises will make you in that quite bad shape longer so if you wish changes, then you should perform well.

You may easily get tired when you are just a beginner in this field so ask your trainer what pre workout supplements he can suggest aiding in boosting your energy, which can help you work more or longer. These experts had been taking these as well and I doubt it if they do not have such drinks at the gym because a lot of enthusiasts will surely look for this before and after their training, too. You will usually find them in bottles and ready to drink so look for them at the gym’s shop or nearby cafeteria, then check on the label because these contents are what your body needs.


Individuals who are on diet usually stay away from carbs but we should keep in mind that we still need a certain amount of this because this is the source of our strength and with this, we can endure our daily workload. Since you are trying to achieve a body here and you will perform physical exercises, you should include carbohydrates in your meal plan so it would be great to take this before the training. Let’s say that if you were a car, then you cannot run without fuel and that’s what a carb is to your system so it is an essential ingredient.

Indeed, you would like to keep your shape that’s why you are working out but this does not mean eliminating carbs because you don’t need too much of it. Again, you need strength due to the heavy lifting, cycling, running, and other activities so if you lack the energy, then you cannot perform these well without stored carbohydrates. This is the reason why supplements contain carbs and why most enthusiasts take them even before warming up.

Always remember that high-intensity exercises – click for a list, require ample energy and we can get this from carbs which is our main source. Therefore, don’t forget to fill up your energy tank for better performance because this can help you get a pump.


I supposed you are not wondering why a lot of people are used to drinking coffee at any time of the day and others even think of it as an obsession or addiction but let’s say they are simply coffee lovers. You should also know that these people drink this because it wakes up their blood or the content refills their energy or mood so that they can continue whatever they are doing. That’s how effective caffein is so don’t wonder why this is also an ingredient of most pre-workouts that you can find.

This serves as a stimulant that will not only boost one’s energy but also enhance alertness level which makes it an ideal ingredient to improve your training performance, speed, and muscle strength as well as endurance. However, too much intake of caffeine may also put your health at risk so you should not take more than the recommended amount and you better consult an expert if you have other concerns. It is still best to find out how much you are only allowed to take in every day which means that those coffee lovers must be concerned, too.

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Beetroot Juice

Even when beetroot extract was not yet an ingredient, many people are already consuming this because it is beneficial to one’s health and now that it was also made as a pre-workout content, then it would be easier to be accepted by consumers. I supposed most of them are bodybuilders because beetroot extracts aid to increase the nitric oxide level in your system and enhance the performance of the cardiovascular system. This acts as a vasodilator which helps in expanding the blood vessels as well as increasing the flow of blood. 

Through this extract, you can gain more energy and power which is very important to individuals having intensive and extreme activities. Because of this, the rate of exertion that was perceived will be lower, too. In this case, fatigue can be reduced and pains can be endured due to its relieving effect, which is something that these enthusiasts need for a better training experience.

Creatine Monohydrate

Another ingredient that you have to look for is creatine which is usually derived from the amino acid, produced naturally, and kept in your muscles. With this taken before the training, you can have additional sources of energy that’s why it can help you exercise more and longer, especially when you have to deal with intense activities. Through this, you can also get better support for growing your muscle and I believe that this is a very important factor in bodybuilding.

We all know that you are aiming to build and grow muscle mass as well as to increase your strength. This will surely happen, though it takes time and effort supplementing your body with creatine and other ingredients would be helpful. You need support, too, aside from the physical training that you always do at the gym. Let’s say that your set of activities are effective ways to improve your body built but it would be great to receive support through supplements for faster recovery of the strained muscles and better results.

By the way, creatine is not only for bodybuilders to take but is also a good energy source for individuals who are into various kinds of sports and workers who engaged in highly intense labor tasks. Taking this will not put your health at risk and it is safe as long as you don’t overdose, though, without sufficient exercise, you may gain weight since this also keeps water in the muscles. I guess that’s the reason why the muscles seem to look a bit bigger and weigh more but you can release this water as soon as you start sweating while exercising – learn more for additional info on creatine monohydrate.

HMB or Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate

There is one more substance that you should be looking for to complete your formula and that is the HMB which can be produced through foods that are rich in protein. This means that you must consume protein foods because this is how your body can naturally make amino acid leucine that will lead to HMB production. We may be adding protein to our recommended meal plan but it would be best to add more from supplementation like pre-workout.

With this substance, you can get support or aid for the hard work because, after long training, your body may experience fatigue or exhaustion as well as muscle damages. Through the HMB supplied, you can reduce the breakdown, improve recovery or repair, and enhance the growth of the muscular tissues. If you will continue supplementing your system with this, then it would be more beneficial for your exercises because there would be an increase in muscle power and that can lead to better aerobic performance.

Since this would be beneficial to your body, you should consume foods and take the recommended dosage of these supplements every day because that is the only way to maximize its benefits. Let’s say that after 2 to 4 weeks, you will notice that you can do better in your training, can exercise longer, or feeling fewer pains and that is because the HMB substance is doing its job well. So continue taking and consuming this because you have to stay in that state since you surely have a lot more to go and you have to maintain the pump that you have gained from this training.