Low-calorie millet recipes to try for a healthy diet

In today’s fast-paced world, more and more people are becoming conscious about their health and nutrition. Due to this, a lot of superfoods are gaining their popularity back and more wholesome foods are being included in today’s modern diet. Millets are one such category of superfoods that are gaining prominence due to their nutritional benefits.

Millets are cultivated mostly in parts of Africa and Asia with India being one of the leading producers of millet in the whole world. Various types of millets are available in the market out of which the most popular ones include bajra (pearl millet), jowar (sorghum), and ragi (finger millet). Millets can be easily added to your everyday diet by incorporating them into various household recipes.

Apart from being nutrient-dense, millets also provide a unique flavour profile that will amaze your taste buds. Millets can be used to give a wholesome twist to everyday recipes such as dosas, parathas, rotis, upmas etc. Below is the list of 4 delicious and wholesome millet recipes that can be prepared for a healthy diet.

Multi Millet Roti with Vegetables

Roti is the most popular household staple in the Indian subcontinent that is traditionally prepared with wheat flour. The nutritional content of roti can be easily increased by introducing multi millet mix along with aashirvaad sugar release control atta. This will give every piece of roti the added multigrain atta benefits along with the benefits of a multi-millet mix. Simply add chopped vegetables, multigrain atta and multi millet mix to boiling water to create the dough for the multi millet roti.

South Indian Special Ragi Neer Dosa

Ragi, also known as finger millet, can be processed and easily consumed in the form of ragi flour. The ragi flour can be used to replace the traditional dosa batter to create a unique combination of dosa and ragi. The ragi neer dosa prepared from the ragi flour batter will include all the goodness of ragi while also providing the popular texture of everyone’s favourite dosa.

Multi Millet Porridge

Porridge is an all-time favourite breakfast item that is savoured by people across the globe. A porridge is prepared by boiling certain types of grains, mostly oats with either water or milk. The traditional porridge recipe can be given a millet touch by introducing a multi-millet mix. Simply boil the multi-millet mix with water and add your favourite spices to create a perfect bowl of wholesome porridge for breakfast.

Upma made from Ragi Flour

Upma is a popular breakfast in the Indian subcontinent that is prepared from semolina, also known as rava. The upma is a kind of savoury breakfast that is prepared alongside various spices, lentils and vegetables with the help of boiling water. The traditional upma can be given a wholesome millet twist by replacing semolina with ragi flour to create a wonderful dish of ragi upma. Ragi upma can be savoured as a breakfast dish to provide the necessary amount of energy that is required every day.