Meet Calgary Dietitian Jamie Lee Kwong

Get to know Registered Dietitian, Jamie Lee Kwong on our team

Registered Dietitian Jamie Lee Kwong

Jamie Lee Kwong is a Registered Dietitian located in Calgary, Alberta. Jamie specializes in disordered eating, pediatrics, mental health, emotional eating, family meal planning, chronic disease, anti-inflammatory eating, and arthritis. She also offers virtual services and you can count on her to be adaptive and collaborative in coming up with the right-fit solutions that meet your health, mental health and family needs.

In this article, we asked her to share a few things about herself so you can get to know her better. You can also read her full bio here: Meet Our Registered Dietitian Team

What is your background as a Dietitian?  

Upon the completion of my nutrition degree UBC and my Dietetic practicum with Island Health, I moved back to Calgary and obtained my first job at the Alberta Children’s Hospital as a casual Clinical Dietitian. As a casual, I provided staff relief in a variety of clinical settings and this helped me develop my foundational knowledge and skills in pediatric nutrition. I became passionate about working with children and families and knew that I wanted to pursue opportunities that would continue to allow me to do so. Eventually I landed my current role in pediatric mental health, working with patients living with mental health conditions including ADHD, Autism, Schizophrenia, Somatic Symptom Disorder and Eating Disorders. I have enjoyed being part of the multidisciplinary health teams supporting these youth and educating families on the relationship between nutrition and mental health.  

Registered Dietitian Jamie Lee Kwong

Outside of my clinical role, I also provide nutrition education sessions for clients living with arthritis at the Joint Effort Program at the University of Calgary. I have also had the opportunity to co-instruct an advanced nutrition course for fourth year students in the Faculty of Kinesiology. I have greatly valued my role as a nutrition educator and helping clients and students translate the complex science of nutrition in ways that are meaningful and practical.  

What is your favorite part about being a Dietitian?  

My favourite part about being a Dietitian is using both my scientific and practical knowledge around food to help individuals find their own versions of healthful and soulful eating. There is nothing more rewarding than watching clients reconnect with their food and seeing them have an “aha” moment once finding the food solutions that work best for them!  

What is one myth you want to clear up about Dietitians?  

Dietitians are not the “Food Police”! There is a common misconception that working with a Dietitian means giving up your favourite foods. While I can appreciate foods for the nutrients they offer, this alone is not the “be all end all” for achieving good health. In fact, I strongly believe that in order to create long term and sustainable healthy eating habits it is important to make space for foods that bring us joy.  

Registered Dietitian Jamie Lee Kwong

What is your favorite nerdy nutritious food chosen for health?  

One of my favourite nutritious foods and pantry staples are hemp hearts because of their versatility! I like to add them to smoothies, yogurt bowls and baking to add a little extra protein and fibre.  

What is your favorite soulful food chosen for taste, enjoyment, and social fun?

While I have a laundry list of favourite foods, one of my top favourites are noodles! Growing up in a Chinese family, I have fond memories sitting around the table with everyone and enjoying a hot bowl of Chinese noodle soup and to this day it is still a comfort food of mine! I love that food has the power to bring people together and I’ll never turn down an opportunity to meet up with friends and family to share a meal together.   

Registered Dietitian Jamie Lee Kwong

Meet Jamie Lee Kwong

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