Skin Care Advice – How to Get Rid of Big Welting Zits

Skin Care Advice – How to Get Rid of Big Welting Zits

Why do you need a skin care advice for your zits? Welting zits are a nightmare for every look-conscious individual. True enough, having welting zits and acne degrades the looks of every person. It can be embarrassing or even a source of ridicule from others if he or she is having acne and zits on his or her face.

Welting zits are signs of cystic acne. They are the worst kind of acne anyone can develop. That is because these manifest as large red bumps on the skin. Aside from being painful and downright annoying, cystic acne is embarrassing to have on your skin.

That is why people will always want to get rid of welting zits quickly. If there is a way to take them off in an instant, people will go out their way to do it. Fortunately, acne can be removed easily. It does, however, take a bit of time to do.

What You Need for Zit Removal

There are just a few things that you would need in order to start your do-it-yourself zit treatment. First, you need a wash cloth and a bucket of hot water. You would also have to prepare cotton balls because they will be useful. Other things that you would be using include a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, Visine, a cortisone shot, vitamin E oil, and a face mask.

The Removal Process

This is what you came here for. Let us now outline the process of removing your welting zits.

First, dip the wash cloth unto hot water. Apply pressure on the welt using this warm wash cloth. The pressure should be maintained for five to ten minutes. Better yet, keep it up until the cloth loses the heat. Repeat the process for several times until the water runs out.

This is where the hydrogen peroxide comes in handy. It is used as a follow-up to the hot compress treatment and kills the bacteria that cause acne beneath your skin. Apply hydrogen peroxide three to five times a day. To do this, put a liberal amount on the cotton ball. Press the cotton ball unto the zit and hold it for five minutes.

Finally, use some Visine or face mask cream on each zit before you go to bed. These things are used to sooth and relieve you of the annoying redness that welting zits are known for. They also help to dry out the zit and to prevent dirt or bacteria from accumulating in the moisture. When you wake up, apply vitamin E oil as well in order to remove any scars that result from the zit treatment.

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