The Never-Ending Struggle of Taking Addiction Recovery

Recovery From Drug Addiction | Scholastic: Nida

Successfully going through addiction recovery treatment is not a piece of cake. However it may seem to us, addiction treatment can get unbearable sometimes. Not only during the time in rehab but the patient can also go through some uncomfortable suboxone withdrawal symptoms several months after discharge from the opioid clinic near me.

And that’s the reason why most people don’t agree to get addiction treatment no matter how dire their situation is. But that is not the ideal solution; in order to recover from addiction dealing with such minor hurdles is essential. Other than the withdrawal symptoms, there are several other struggles that people face in addiction recovery. And by understanding some of these challenges of substance abuse counseling near me, you might be able to help a loved one in need.

Some common personal issues that people may face while being in rehab:

  1. Boredom

This might not be as serious as some of the other ones, but for a sensitive addiction patient, it can be a great matter to deal with. Because the patients are stuck in rehab for the treatment procedure, they cannot do anything to entertain themselves as most of such task includes consuming drugs. Other than getting suboxone dosing and therapy at the scheduled time, their time pretty much spends doing nothing and that boredom can also continue when they are out of the clinic.

The best way to deal with boredom after the rehab life would be to find out hobbies or explore the old ones you use to enjoy before getting addicted. To ensure that such hobbies are not meddling with the drug counseling near me. Select healthy hobbies that will actually promote a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Relapse

Relapse is one of the biggest struggles that patients face during and after rehab. During staying at the rehab the patient can relapse depending on the medication they are prescribed. Because addiction medications consist of the same psychoactive that substances contain, the patient, can easily relapse by abusing those. But that is not a possibility when the person is provided with a suboxone dosage.

The real struggle comes when the person is discharged from the rehab as they are exposed to many of the addiction-inducing triggers. But by continuing the aftercare treatment at the buprenorphine treatment centers, the patient can manage their sober life. Taking therapy from the clinic without missing a day is essential as it will help you move in into your new normal life easily. Anything is better than giving up, keep that in mind.

  1. Coming up with new coping strategies

Dealing with addiction recovery becomes more challenging for those who suffer from co-occurring disorders. Because that means that they are giving up their only way to cope with their mental issues. So, when the person is getting treatment at the rehab they are not only giving up a habit, they are initially changing their whole lifestyle, which is a much dire situation to go through. But you got to start somewhere, as staying addicted without contacting a substance abuse therapist near me will only risk your life.

  1. Coping with relationships

Humans are social beings as they cannot live and operate alone. And that fact also proves seeing as people need the love, support, and care to overcome not only addiction but also improve their damaged mental state. In rehab, you can get rid of your loneliness by socializing with your peers or fellow patients. The therapist will help you in doing that by making you more comfortable approaching people, this way you can learn how to communicate which will help you outside the rehab as well.

Creating new relation is not the only struggle as the person will also have to face the people they have hurt due to their addiction. With prolonged therapy and learning to take responsibility for your wrongdoings, you can make amends with your loved ones. Repairing your relationships with loved ones will actually help you to get over your addiction and stay sober by achieving a positive outlook.

With the help of opioid treatment doctors near me and therapists, you can easily overcome these hurdles with ease. You just need to keep your focus on the treatment and the rest will fall into place. Ensure that you are applying all the things you have learned from the therapist, to overcome the mental hurdles. It’s important to keep up the addiction treatment with suboxone recovery and therapy to live a sober life after rehab.