The Symptoms For You To Know You Are Pregnant

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Pregnancy is an important stage for you. It has stages and all stages have different symptoms. But what important most is to know about the symptoms of an early stage. At the early stage you are new in this phase of life and the changes that come in your way every day, you are not ready for. And it can vary from one woman to another. It is always better to get a thorough idea of the symptoms that you will have.  Let’s check what the symptoms of pregnancy are

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Morning Sickness and Nausea- When you conceive, in the early time, a huge amount of hormone is made in the body. The amount is more than the usual amount and the result of this production is the morning sickness mad nausea. The main symptom of the morning sickness is vomiting. It can be triggered by oily food, or fatty food, or anything that your body does not like at that time. Sometimes it can be triggered by nothing. Nausea is a part of it and most of the time, it is not severe at all. Some hormone medication can give some remedies, but it is an unattached part of pregnancy and this does not stay throughout the pregnancy. It generally goes away after 11-14 weeks depending on the body. 
  • Tiredness- If you are pregnant then your body will go from many changes. It will continuously change which are new for the body itself. Not just physical changes but emotional and mental changes due to hormones. With all the changes your body feels tired, especially for the first trimester when your body and you mentally are absolute new to this phase of life. For the newness and the changes in every part of you, feeling tiredness is normal though this also differs from woman to woman. Resting is an absolute important in this case. Take small naps and rest as much as possible and do not force or be harsh to yourself as all of this is normal. And if you want to boost your energy you can consult your doctor for vitamin B and Frisomum Gold®.
  • Constipation- Constipation is a very common symptom and it happens due to the changes in the hormone progesterone. This hormone relaxes the body muscle and slows down the digestive system. Eating green leafy food, fibers is the best in this kind of situation.
  • Leg Cramps- For some women calf and foot contraction become painful. This not very common to feel the pain. Some muscle stretching exercises can help through this. If the pain is more than you can bear then consulting to your doctor is the best.
  • Frequent Urination- This is a very common symptom and happens in the first and last trimester especially. This may become very irritating sometimes but make sure that your fluid intake is always on point to be hydrated. Hydration is important when you are pregnant.

These symptoms are very normal and happen almost every woman who conceives. Make yourself relaxed in any situation and think positively for you and the baby.