What are the benefits of Vertical Spray Tanning?

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Spray tanning has evolved with the advancement in technology. Now, one can do away with the hassle of lying under the sun for countless hours to get that perfect tan. All you need to do is 

Search for VersaSpa tanning near me and get into a vertical tanning booth. You will come out all glowing within a few minutes. 

Vertical spray tanning machines offer even tan in a short time. Many tanning salons have multiple tanning beds of different levels and specifications. You can choose the tanning service as per your needs and budget.

When making your choice between vertical tanning booth and horizontal tanning booth, keep your tanning needs in mind. In this blog, we have highlighted some benefits of a vertical spray tanning booth.

#1: Reduced Tanning Time

Generally, entry-level tanning beds take time to start tanning. Most tanning machines begin after 15 to 20 minutes. On the other hand, the tanning booth cuts down the tanning time. If you are running late for an appointment or want to get a quick tan fix, you can go to a vertical tanning booth. Tanning booths take less than 10 minutes to apply the tan. Since the entire process is automatic, all you need to do is enter the cabin and stand inside for a few minutes. Additionally, one need not be worried about runny tan or overspray.

#2 Greater Convenience

Amongst all indoor tanning techniques, vertical tanning booth is one of the easiest. When using a tanning bed or airbrush tanning service, one has to take various precautions. However, when you visit the best tanning salons near me, all you have to do is stand in front of the spray nozzles and let the tanning machine do its magic. 

#3 More Privacy

Not everyone is comfortable taking a spray tanning service at a salon. If you are uncomfortable about taking spray tan or wish to have more privacy, vertical spray tanning booths are perfect.  

#4 Less Sweaty

The vertical tanning system consists of high wattage lamps, just like tanning beds. However, tanning booths are less sweaty and messy. One need not worry about ruined hair or streaky tan when inside the tanning booth. 

#5 Comfort & Cleanliness

Most often, people deter from using enclosed tanning beds. Their main concern is hygiene and comfort. While some people find it difficult to lie down on the reclined bed with heat lamps all around. Luckily, vertical tanning beds are both hygienic as well as comfortable. Since no one comes in direct contact with the tanning machine in vertical tanning booths, chances of catching skin infection or allergy is less. Vertical tanning booths are large enough to allow free body movement, making them more comfortable.  

#6 Superior Tanning

We all want flawless and even looking tan. Vertical tanning booths are a preferred choice by tanners who want a high-quality tan. In vertical tanning booths, high wattage lamps are strategically placed that offer even body coverage. With a vertical tanning bed, you can rest assured of white sides and underarms.