Yoga Toes – Can You Relieve Bunions, Varicose Veins and Aching Feet With Plastic Gel Yoga Toes?

Yoga Toes – Can You Relieve Bunions, Varicose Veins and Aching Feet With Plastic Gel Yoga Toes?

Yoga toes are toe separation devices which actually stretch and improve your foot strength.  They are similar in design to foam toe separators used when you get a pedicure, but they provide much more support and separation to the toes, and are also easier to care for since they are made of a gel like substance.  Yoga Toes(R) can benefit almost anyone that may be suffering from foot (or toe) pain caused by ill fitting shoes, or from spending way too much time on their feet.  If you work and/or participate in activities that stress your toes/legs such as: tennis, aerobics, running, golf or dancing, than you really should consider getting a pair of these great little ‘feet pain’ relievers.  Yoga toes may also provide help for senior citizens and small children.  They increase blood circulation to the feet and create relief of pain after long periods of standing. 

Yoga Toes Benefits – Bunions, Hammer Toes and Varicose Veins

Yoga Toes have been reported to really help with increasing your foot strength, and the flexibility of your toes and ankles.  As the circulation in your legs stretches your Achilles tendons and your leg muscles you stand a great chance of finding improvement for the parts of your legs and toes that are aching.  As your posture alignment changes and corrects itself, watch for the possible relief of bunions, varicose veins, and even those crazy hammer toes too.

Best Uses for Yoga Toes

When you put your feet into a pair of Yoga Toes, you’ll immediately notice the lifting and spreading of the toes which stretches the muscles and Achilles tendon and stimulates the nerves and connective tissue.  Yoga Toes has a new design that makes them much easier to get on and off. They are made of a special long-lasting and odor-free, medical-grade gel compound.  This makes them quick and easy to take care of.  Yoga Toes make for perfect traveling too.  Just throw a pair of the toes into your luggage for a perfect companion.  When you need them, they will comfort your sore feet after a long day of hiking, walking, or just plain sightseeing. 

Health Benefits and New Uses

Yoga toes straighten, and strengthen bent toes and stretch and align the muscles of  your feet.  The health benefits yoga toes offer include: strengthening the feet and ankles, increases toe and ankle flexibility, and stretching the leg muscles.  They can improve your arches and possibly even lead to a correction of your posture, relieving stress.  They also are known to extend the Achilles tendons which will most likely improves your circulation in both your legs and feet.  They most certainly can help with hammertoes, varicose veins, and bunions.  Look to Yoga Toes as a passive exercise for deep vein thrombosis as well.  The original yoga toes are called YogaToes(R) and are manufactured by Yoga Pro(TM).

How To Wear and Care for your Yoga Toes

Yoga toes and toe stretchers are worn snugly at the base of your toes as a passive way to exercise and stretch the feet – but keep in mind that you cannot wear them throughout the day while you have shoes on.  You will need to set aside some time to wear your toes, or do as one person I heard from did, wore them at night while they slept with large socks over their feet.  You can also consider wearing Yoga Toes when you nap.  Their design is easy for putting off and on, and since they are made of a special medical-grade gel compound which is completely odor-free, you don’t have to do much to care for them other than a brief hand wash, or rinse under the faucet once in a while. Most women will find that they wear the small size while most men will probably require medium. 

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